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LAXROMA Bauhotel Inspired by the world's leading hotel smell
Wednesday, June 21, 2017

LAXROMA Bauhotel Inspired by the world's leading hotel smell


Essential oil is a highly aromatic, concentrated oil that is distilled from the leaves, stems, flowers, bark, roots, or other highly aromatic plant parts, so only unpolluted materials will be used in essential oil.  


The main purpose of this essential oil its helps treat fatigue, stress, and weakness. Provides a sense of serenity and resistance. With Laxroma Bau Hotel series an essential oil that is inspired by the world's leading hotel smell.  It is inspired by the Grand Hyatt, inspired by MGM Las Vegas & inspired by Banyan Tree Hotel.  


The special essential oil from Laxroma is a special blend that combines several essential oils. Banyan tree is a blend of essential oil celery, chamomile, basil & sweet orange. Grand hyatt is a blend of lavender, lemon, tea tree & thyme and Mgm is a blend of tea tree, thyme & peppermint.  


When a lot of work stack you need motivation, additional energy, and improve positive mood with Laxroma essential oil. Imagine once you enter your house and its smell like Luxury Hotel, really can help us release our stress. With every blend of hotel smells it produce a very good and smoothing smells.  



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